Luckys Tattoo Museum

About Us

Contained in the Lucky Supply Tattoo Museum is a collection of tattoo memorabilia and related materials dating back as far as the early 1900ís. It is my pleasure to be able to share this collection with the rest of the tattoo community and the world.

The collection has been pieced together over many years, some purchased, and some donated with one thought in mind, keeping in tact some portion of the rich history of the fine art of tattooing.

I feel, in society today sometimes we forget to look back and remember our roots. Tattooing has come a long way over the decades; looking back, it was the pioneers of the art, who practiced in secret and were looked down upon in the eyes of the public, who allowed this art & industry to grow into what it is today. For that I give my thanks to the founders of this wonderful art, and in my own small way I am trying to preserve the beauty and history of the art of tattooing for future generations.

Lucky Supply Tattoo Museum is open to the public, most of the items displayed on our online museum are also on display at our location in Largo, Florida. So if you are in the area and love tattooing, please stop by for a visit, we love to have visitors. Our collection is here for you to enjoy.

A warm thanks to everyone that made this museum possible, and a second thanks for your time and dedication to this art.

Jimmy Whitlock

If you have any items you think may be a good addition to this museum we are always looking. Please contact me directly at with items for donation or purchase.